2018, the year so far

Hello All

We here at Brian Collins Enterprises hope you all are enjoying the fine weather . There has not been too much time to relax around here as it has been busy. As we are midway through 2018 this might be an opportune time to update you on a new project, and an existing one.

The main item of news concerns a new commission. Several weeks ago Brian Collins Enterprises was contacted by a major Irish transport operator who were looking for a partner to develop an new Irish model 1/76 scale model. Having worked in the past with both Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann the positive experience with both the VG33 and SP111 models had some bearing on this. This major operator studied in detail both projects and hopes to commission a new model in the near future. A lot of work goes into such a project. Overall the process is quite lengthy.

We are pleased to announce that the groundwork is well advanced on this brand new project. It is a requirement of the operator that no details can be released at this time as negotiations are ongoing.

This new project has become the main focus here at Brian Collins Enterprises, a considerable amount of work is required to get any such project off the ground. Many of you have placed advance orders for the Dublin Bus ‘Cityswift’ ALX400. Regular readers will be aware of the slow progress of this Brian Collins Enterprises model. It still is at an advanced stage but as any regular reader knows has suffered lengthy delays owing to manufacturing difficulties in China. Unfortunately for Brian Collins Enterprises this model suffered by the stalling of releases for a number of years and ultimate the recent restart of the manufacturer in China. The labour situation in China is well documented elsewhere. This project has been frustrating for me personally & Brian Collins Enterprises and has taken far more time than it should.

As Brian Collins Enterprises were approached by a major Irish operator with a new project we, have decided to give it 100% commitment for now. In effect this means we don’t have the time to constantly follow up with the factory in China at the moment, this of course will delay the ‘Cityswift’ model further. We would like to apologise to our loyal customers for the continuing delay emanating from the factory in China. This is as frustrating for the intermediary as it is for us, and like Brian Collins Enterprises he has new releases he is keen to release. A very recent communication from China indicated he is still negotiating the Cityswift model.

We hope to make further announcements in the coming months about our latest commission. We would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty and patience,

Thank you